About Me

Hello, I am Gaynor, a registered practicing midwife with more than 20 years experience working in NHS hospitals & trusts in London and the South East. I am also a hypnobirthing instructor, mother and photographer. My journey with women over the years has been immense and has shaped the woman, midwife and mother that I am today.


My Experience:

During my professional years it has been a privilege to help women to birth their babies in all sorts of settings whether it be in a sterile theatre setting, delivery suite, birth centre, pool or home.

Life is fast paced and sometimes a little crazy and I firmly believe that focussing some time for birth preparation is an essential part of the birth journey. Fear and anxiety are unpleasant emotions and can disrupt the flow of birth, so understanding your body and how your baby is during birth is vital for you both. Knowledge equals power and by providing a safe space for you to know your bump, connect in pregnancy, practice mindfulness and breathing can all positively help the birth of your baby and enhance those first precious moments when having skin to skin for the first time.


Who Is this For?:

Whether a first time mother, just moved into the area from the city, a rural family or busy mum with your growing brood I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve the right birth experience, whatever curved ball comes your way!

I am excited to be part of The LBC team with likeminded professionals that can help to empower  and nurture you in your birth, whatever way it happens and LBC provides a sense of community during this very important and special time. I feel very fortunate to be nestled in the Surrey Hills and can often be found out and about with camera in hand taking family portraits in natural settings.



I cover Surrey Hills, Surrey, West Sussex and Hants within a 15 mile radius of Dorking.

I look forward to hearing from you, Gaynor x

Tel: 07879 444696


Why Hypnobirthing?

  • Do you want to be informed for your birth?

  • Do you want to reduce your fear and anxiety about birth issues?

  • Do you need to feel secure, safe and confident with your choices?

  • Are you and your birth partner  ready to prepare for labour, birth and beyond?

  • Read on......

Hypnobirthing has increased in it's popularity over the past few years as women learn more about empowering their birth experiences and staying in control for a positive birth whether this is at home, in the birthing unit,  hospital or theatre. Midwives and professionals recognise its values and positive outcomes for women. It can reduce the need for intervention in labour, lessen the need for analgesia and puts women and their partners in control of the birth experience. It's origins were combined theories of Marie Mongan (1959) who devised a birthing programme using the work of Grantly Dick-Read's - Childbirth Without Fear and her own hypnobirthing practice and knowledge. 


The Little Birth Company has written a programme that supports, educates and empowers women and their partners to help plan for a calm, confident and positive birth. The founder members are Wendy - a midwife and Melissa - a hypnotherapist. Together, I believe they have made a programme that is evidence based, safe and achievable. I am excited to be an instructor and help you find start to look forward to the birth of your baby.

Included in your hypnobirthing session will be:

  • A Little Birth Manual aimed in supporting everything you learn in the classes.

  • The LBC Home Practice Schedule - to help maximise your practice.

  • Access to the LBC community and Facebook support pages.

  • Positive Affirmations.

  • Birth plan/preferences ideas.

  • What to pack in your birth bag.

  • Foetal Positioning and maternal positions to help birth your baby more easily and comfortably.

  • Links to the Relaxation MP3s.

  • A positive belief that giving birth can be the most wonderful experience a woman and her birth partner will experience.

  • Breathing techniques to work with your body.

  • Ongoing Email support.


Private Classes

Birth preparation using Hypnobirthing techniques taught in the privacy and comfort of your own home over 8-10 hours in time frame to suit you over 3 weeks. I will socially distance at your home.

Book from 24 weeks gestation. 

Complimentary photo session included.


Online training available due to Covid19 restrictions  - keeping you safe and informed on line.


Group Classes

Group classes in a local setting have been suspended due to Covid19 restrictions.  I will update you as Government guidance suggests. I am offering a group class on line for a discounted rate if a group of parents would prefer a Zoom class for 3 or more couples at £180 per couple.

Bump & Baby Photography

Alongside my hypnobirthing instruction with the Little Birth Company I take photographs of babies and families. As an additional service I can offer family portraits in natural light in the comfort of your home being mindful of social distancing of your bump and then of your baby. 

Complimentary session for those booking private classes.

Sessions start from




Couldn't recommend Gaynor highly enough, she was a dedicated student, is a superb midwife and a born teacher. My advice is book now.

L.C, midwife

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Surrey Hills Hypnobirthing

Gaynor Morrison, Midwife RM Msc BSc (hons)
Tel 07879 444696